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WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for March 12, 2018

The SASM Board awarded the WWTP Rehabilitation Project to C. Overaa Construction on December 19, 2017. Notice to Proceed was issued on February 01, 2018.

Overaa continues to work on a list of critical submittals for Construction Manager (CM) review and approval. CM conducted the preconstruction meeting on Feb 15 with Contractor, SASM, Public Works, and the Design Engineer in attendance.

WWTP staff continues site preparations, internal housekeeping, improving site security, establishing protocols for contractor work zones, restricted areas, traffic patterns, and evaluating several parking solutions for staff and contract employees. In addition, staff is coordinating dates for temporary shut-down of specific treatment processes (less than 4hrs) for the contractor to take field measurements prior to ordering long-lead time equipment and materials.

The City Manager recently designated the Assistant to the City Manager to help facilitate, coordinate, and oversee all general public outreach activities during the course of the WWTP contract. The public outreach work involves drafting press releases, public notices, updates to SASM’s CIP website, ground- breaking ceremony coordination, and serving as the City/SASM’s public liaison for the Mill Valley School District, Mt. Tamalpais Church, and the general public.

Public Notice signage, the construction management trailer, temporary fencing, and contractor staging is planned to be set-up by the end of March. Contractor mobilization is tentatively scheduled to commence early-mid April for the removal of several mature trees and demolish portions of the NW concrete perimeter wall, along with other scheduled equipment demolition.

The Ground-Breaking ceremony is scheduled for April 4 at 4 pm. Learn more here.