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WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

The contractor, Overaa Construction, continues to work on a pending list of critical submittals. It was learned that the three-cloth disk filter system, a critical equipment item, won’t arrive until June 1 resulting in a 30-day delay to the tricking filter replacement work.

Overaa is currently reviewing various scheduling options to ensure that the trickling filter replacement will be completed per contract requirements.

SASM staff continues to accommodate and assist with temporary plant shut-downs (less than 4hrs) for the contractor to take field measurements prior to ordering equipment.

Public Notice signage, delivery of the construction management trailer, and temporary fencing was provided prior to SASM’s April 4th ground breaking ceremony. Tree removal was completed on April 5th.

The next 3-week look-ahead involves contractor mobilization of heavy equipment, demolition of the concrete wall, site work grading, temporary odor control system set-up, partial demolition of odor control equipment, and to provide electrical power to both construction trailers.

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