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WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for May 14, 2018

May 14, 2018

The contractor, Overaa Construction, continues work on the rehabilitation project. The majority of critical equipment submittals have been reviewed, accepted, and are on order. The contractor and electrical subcontractor has mobilized and work remains on schedule.

Work completed includes the following:

  • The installation of a temporary SASM employee parking area for eight vehicles.

  • Extensive site and foundation work involving 300 cubic yards of soil removal for the concrete security wall, the 4,000 gal above-ground diesel fuel tank pad, and for the removal of the 12,000 gal abandoned underground storage tank.

  • The 180 cubic yard pour of light-weight concrete, completed on May 7th to serve as the foundation of the new concrete retaining wall.

The next 3-week look ahead involves partial demolition of a concrete wall, removal of bar screen #2, inspection of influent wet well #2, and running electrical conduit to various rooms within the Headworks building.

Work outside of the Headworks building includes tying-in the temporary odor control system to the existing building ventilation system to allow the existing odor control system to be demolished and rebuilt. The three-cloth disk filter system will arrive early June so tricking filter #2 replacement work can commence in mid-June without a delay in schedule.

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