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Salt Works & Trestle Glen Electrical Improvements Project

The Salt Works & Trestle Glen Station electrical improvements is underway.

Project work involves demolition, temporary systems, installing new electrical Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pump motor components, equipment, VFD cabinet enclosures, conduits, wiring, start-up and testing at Salt Works and Trestle Glen Pump Stations. 
The low responsive bid of $258,00 was awarded to D.W. Nicholson on 6/21/2019.  
Notice to Proceed (NTP) was issued on 7/11/2019.  
VFDs and electronic control cabinets are to be fabricated and shipped out by 11/15/2019.  
All demolition, installation, and electrical improvement work is to be completed and fully operational by 12/18/2019.