Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Are you someone who takes action when you see someone in need of help? Do you enjoy contributing to your community? Do you want to learn life-saving skills? In a large-scale disaster, both self-reliance and the use of volunteers under the professional guidance from our local first responders will be necessary. Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) is designed to emphasize hands-on experience and is taught by fire department personnel. Topics covered include disaster first aid/triage, fire safety, and light search and rescue.  There are over 2,700 local CERT programs nationwide and more than 600,000 people have been trained since CERT first became a national program in 1993.

CERT Training

CERT TeamIn a large-scale disaster, both self-reliance and the use of volunteers under professional guidance will be necessary. Ready Marin, in collaboration with the fire departments and districts in Marin County, offers a program in Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) for civilians.

CERT Basic Training is free and open to all Marin County residents over the age of 16. CERT is taught in two formats: standard In-person training and a new hybrid training (a combination of online learning and one day of in-person instruction). You may attend the class anywhere in the County. This 20-hour training is designed to emphasize hands-on experience and is taught to Marin County residents by Southern Marin Fire District and other Marin fire agency personnel. Volunteers will learn:

  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Disaster First Aid/Triage
  • Fire Prevention/Suppression
  • Light Search and Rescue

People of all ages (16 years and up) and abilities take CERT training. During the training, if you are concerned about doing a skill such as lifting, just let the instructor know. You can learn from watching. There are many jobs within CERT for someone who wants to be involved and help in an emergency such as managing documentation, comforting others, logistics, and more. 

Upon Completion of CERT Training

Upon completion of CERT training, each trainee will receive a disaster service worker identification card, backpack, helmet, vest, and a certificate of completion. Once the Basic CERT Training course is completed, you will be invited to advance your training by completing higher level CERT courses (such as traffic management, disaster psychology, and pets and disasters).

Register for CERT Basic TrainingCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Equip yourself with life-saving skills and become a vital link in your community's resilience by joining the CERT program! 

Learn more about your local Southern Marin CERT team. And sign up and get trained by Ready Marin to become a CERT.