Municipal Service Tax

What is the Municipal Service Tax (MST)?

The funds generated by the Municipal Service Tax go to the maintenance, repair, and improvement of streets and roads, as well as fire suppression activities, including removal of vegetation. 

How much money is raised?

Fiscal YearMST Revenues

Where Does the Money Go?

What is the current MST tax rate?

In 2016,  City Council adopted a resolution to set the rate at $266 (for Year 1) per single family residence with an annual adjustment of 2% to keep up with inflation. Learn more about MST tax rates.

Can MST funds be used for purposes other than maintenance of roads and fire suppression activities?

No. MST funds cannot be used for general government purposes. The money collected is restricted and may only be used for the maintenance of roads and fire suppression activities.

When will the MST expire?

The tax began in the 2017/2018 fiscal year and will expire following fiscal year 2026/2027.

Is there a senior exemption?

The MST exempts low-income senior citizens. If you would like to apply for a Senior Exemption, please contact the Public Works Administrative Aide at or call 415-384-4800. Please include your name, mailing address, the parcel number(s) of the property, and the best way to reach you. Forms will be mailed to interested residents in April of each year. The forms will also be posted at the City website at that time.

Thank You

The tax has been a hugely successful, stable, and local funding source, allowing the City of Mill Valley to stay vigilant on both road repairs and fire prevention efforts.