Property & Permit Information

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*Should you have problems accessing information, see “Important Tips” below.*

This database is a powerful tool that can be used to access planning and building records and general information related to a property, described below. Note: Some older records may not be in the database.  For additional information about a property, contact the Planning and Building Department.


Provides information on a given parcel, including Zoning and General Plan designations, Assessor Data (such as lot size), and FEMA Floodplain designations. Note: most data provided in this database is obtained from the Marin County Assessor’s Office, please contact their office should you have questions about the accuracy of the data.


Provides a history of past and active building permits on a given parcel. This database contains records dating from approximately Nov 2012 to the present. For a complete history of building permits for a parcel, please contact the Planning & Building Department.


provides a history of past and active projects that have gone through the planning review process. This database contains most of the planning records on a file, with the exception of historic subdivisions. Additional details on a planning approval can be obtained from the Planning & Building Counter based on the file number and/or address.

Other Online Tools: 

Look up your Zoning District by Address. Marin County assessor data and additional mapping and measurement tools are available through the County’s mapping program at

Important Tips When Using the Database:

When entering an address, do not include the type of street. For example, if the address is 26 Corte Madera Avenue, enter 26 Corte Madera (without Avenue).

For those addresses with “East”, “West,” “North,” “South”, try entering the first initial, followed by the address. For example if the address is 19 East Blithedale, enter 19 E Blithedale. In some instances, the full address name may work as well.

Check here for screen shots and a description of the online features.

See list of acronyms in the table below that are used as part of the database and data entry.

Acronym Term
AoR Architect of Record
BLDG Building Department
CatEx Environmental Review/ Categorical Exemption
CMP Construction Management Plan
CoA Conditions of Approval
r Contractor of Record
DPW Department of Public Works
DR Design Review
(E) Existing
ECP Erosion Control Plan
EoR Engineer of Record
ER/ Enviro Review Environmental Review
EIR Environmental Review/ Environmental Impact Report
FP Fireplace
FD Fire Department
IS Environmental Review/ Initial Study
LLA Lot Line Adjustment
MND Environmental Review/ Mitigated Negative Declaration
Min MEP Minimum Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing Permit
(N) New
OTC Over the Counter
O/B  Owner-Builder
PD Police Department or Planning Development Overlay
PLNG Planning Department
RBR Residential Building Report - inspection and report required when selling residential real estate
REV Revision or Revised
RTI Ready to Issue
SUP Second Unit Permit
VAR Variance
VMP Vegetation Management Plan
WUI Wildland Urban Interface