Steps, Lanes, & Paths


A Guide to Mill Valley SLPs – 3rd Edition - 2013 (PDF)
Printed copies of the map are available for sale at City Hall (26 Corte Madera Ave.)

Interested in volunteering? We are dedicated to preserving and restoring these SLPs for the enjoyment and well-being of all its residents. Join us in this effort!  Visit the Friends of Mill Valley Steps, Lanes & Paths to become part of the community that helps protect and preserve these historical resources.

DateMeetingStaff Report
October 4, 2021City CoucilSLP Update and Consideration to Add (PDF)
June 4, 2018City CouncilMaintenance and Volunteer Update (PDF)
March 7, 2018Parks and Recreation CommissionVolunteer Projects and Maintenance Update
September 18, 2017City CouncilUpdate on the SLP Program (PDF)

September 15, 2017

The City of Mill Valley Moves Forward to Put Important Protections in Place for the City’s Steps, Lanes, and Paths Network.

A notice (PDF) regarding of the City’s Steps, Lanes, and Paths (SLPs) was recorded at the Marin County Recorder’s Office on October 2, 2017. The purpose of recording the map is to provide notice to property owners and the public of the general location of the SLPs listed in the City of Mill Valley’s Official SLP Inventory.

On March 20, 2017, in Resolution No. 17-15, the City Council directed the Director of Public Works to complete a map depicting the SLPs listed in the Official SLP Inventory. The Resolution also affirmed the public status of the SLP network, officially named and numbered public SLPs, and adopted an Encroachment Removal Policy (see Resolution No. 17-15, and see Section 7 for Encroachment Removal (PDF) | March 2017 Staff Report).

On October 4, 2021 the City Council adopted Resolution 21-53 (PDF) updating the SLP inventory from Resoultion 17-15.

We invite community members to view the map online or in person. 

  • Online: 2022 SLP Map (PDF)
  •  In Person: A copy of the map will be available to view during regular business hours at the Department of Public Works in City Hall. 

The City Council demonstrated its commitment to preservation and protection of the SLP network by adopting the March Resolution in addition to its earlier approval of a nine-point action plan in January, 2017. City staff has implemented the action plan to maintain and safeguard our SLP network. Some important recent activities include:

  • Reconvening the internal SLP team, which meets twice per month to review issues, coordinate efforts, develop maintenance and construction standards and protocols, and agree upon priorities for the SLP program.
  •  Revising the Top 25 SLP list to reflect the progress made since it was adopted in 2008 and the recommendations from the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) and recent staff review and input for additions to the list of SLP priorities.
  • Enacting attentive and aggressive SLP monitoring and enforcement actions in response to staff observations and complaints from the public. Of the dozens of complaints received over the past 10 months all encroachments have been largely addressed.
  • Completing improvements to two well-used SLPs this year: repairing SLP 323 which connects the Shelter Ridge area to Hamilton Drive and reconstructing SLP 230, the Gardner Steps. Other prominent projects include commencing the rebuilding of the remaining section of the Dipsea Stairs in partnership with the Dipsea Foundation and the completion of the new Lomita Drive to the Multi-Use Path connector. Additionally, the Public Works staff has made improvements and repairs to numerous SLPs around the community to keep them passable and attractive.
  • Working with community members and volunteer groups on three projects this summer and planning three other projects for the fall.

Click here to download the SLP Update Staff Report.

Click here to read a brief history of Mill Valley's Steps, Lanes, and Paths.

About SLP Encroachments

At their City Council meeting on January 17, the Council reviewed and restated its support of the City’s Steps, Lanes and Paths (SLPs) program and approved the recommended actions to strengthen it, including:

  • Adopting a resolution reaffirming the City’s commitment to SLPs and the adoption of an SLP map.
  • Updating and expanding the City data base on SLPs.
  • Creating new enforcement protocol.
  • Implementing a page on the City website for community recommendations for SLP maintenance.
  • Looking for increased SLP funding.
  • Reconvening the internal SLP team.
  • Preparing an annual SLP report for Council review.
  • Working with the community on SLP volunteer opportunities.
  • Proceeding with diligence on approved Capital Improvement Projects to maintain and improve existing SLP network.

The Council and staff are committed to preserve and protect the SLPs, both developed and undeveloped, and we are committed to vigorously enforcing the public’s rights to access. The City Council recently approved a new Priority Project list for 2017-2018, which included the development and implementation of a pedestrian connectivity program including sidewalk repair and Steps, Lanes and Paths improvement.

We welcome the community’s assistance in protecting SLPs and reporting encroachments so we can act on them.

To report an encroachment, please email or call the Department of Public Works: or (415)384-4800