Loan Periods and Limits

Loan Periods

How long can I keep it?

Books, audiobooks3 weeks
Magazines, In-Demand audiobooks2 weeks
DVDs, Blu-Rays, music CDs, Experience Collection, Tech to Go devices1 week
eBooks/eAudiobooks7 days, 14 days, or 21 days (you can specify in the Libby app)
Book Club Kits6 weeks
LINK+1 week or 3 weeks depending on the lending institution's policies
Inter-Library Loan (ILL)Varies depending on lending institution's policies

How many can I check out?

DVDs/Blu-Rays15 item limit
Music CDs10 item limit
Audiobooks on CD10 item limit
Books50 item limit
eBooks25 item limit

Overdue Fines

There are none! The Mill Valley Public Library has joined the growing number of libraries nationwide that have recognized fines as a form of social inequity and has gone fine free. Patrons will no longer be charged fines for returning materials late.

However, returning books in a timely manner is still an important part of using the Library. We trust that our patrons recognize the importance of everyone doing their part to make books and other materials as widely available as possible. Keeping items out long after the due date will result in a charge to replace the items unless they are returned. We want to work with anyone who has been prevented from using the Library, so please contact us at 415-389-4292 if you need help.


If materials are possible to renew, they will be automatically renewed as your due date approaches. You will receive email notice when this happens. If you receive notice of auto-renewal and have already returned the item, please allow for one week of quarantine time before your materials are checked in at the Mill Valley Library.

Some other ways to renew materials:

  • Call (415) 389-4292 during open hours to speak to a staff member.
  • Use the catalog to maintain your own Library account.

Items that do not have holds can be renewed for the following periods:

Music CDs, Movies1 week checkout + 1 week renewal
Magazines2 week checkout + 2 week renewal
Books, Audiobooks 3 week checkout + 3 week renewal + 1 week 2nd renewal
Some LINK+* 3 week checkout + 3 week renewal

*LINK+ items with a 1-week loan period are not renewable.


You can return materials to any public library in Marin County or to the book drop by the front entrance at the Mill Valley Library at 375 Throckmorton Ave., the lower book drop near the Peter Dreyfus garden, the book drop at the Mill Valley Community Center, or the book drop inside the Library by the circulation desk.