Hamilton Drive

The City of Mill Valley is partnering with EAH Housing to build affordable homes on the northern portion of the city-owned parcel, known as 1 Hamilton Drive. The City invites you to attend  meetings and provide input on this important city-sponsored project. 

Project Update

On April 20, 2023, a planning application was filed with the City’s Planning Division as part of the City’s partnership with EAH Housing to build 45 affordable rental units on the northern portion of 1 Hamilton Drive.  Since the application filing, the Planning Commission has held two public hearings to review the application provide direction on the design, on May 23 and July 11. Revised plans responding to the Planning Commission’s direction were resubmitted to the City on September 6, 2023, and are currently being reviewed by City departments. The updated plans, and other documents can be downloaded in the Project Documents section below. Plans may also be viewed at City Hall during counter hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 – 11:30am.

Review Process

The City of Mill Valley is the project applicant and lead agency for environmental review of the project.  The planning application includes design review, environmental review and entitlement materials (ground lease to rezone the northern portion of the site).

Once the project design and DEIR have been fully evaluated, the Planning Commission will make recommendations to City Council regarding final action on the project. A site-specific project-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is currently underway and will analyze the maximum number of units anticipated (50 units). Staff anticipates that the Draft EIR will be available for public review and comment in October 2023.  Hearing dates will be posted once dates are established, pending additional work and deliverables discussed above.  

Upcoming Meetings 

Schedule pending. The project will return to the Planning Commission after the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), which is currently being assembled. The City will notify the community to announce the 45-day review period for the DEIR and Planning Commission hearing date as part of future updates.  

Planning Commission Study Sessions

Planning Commission Study Sessions are informational hearings to provide feedback on various components of a proposed project with no formal action taken as part of the hearing.  

July 11, 2023 Planning Commission Study Session

July 11, 2023 Study Session Staff Report

The purpose of this Study Session was to seek further direction on items discussed at the May 23, 2023, meeting, including but not limited to roof form and height, the northern corner of the proposed building and exterior color. No formal action was taken at the meeting. Input received will be utilized to assemble an updated set of application materials for further evaluation as part of the development review process. 

May 23, 2023 Planning Commission Study Session    

May 23 Study Session Staff Report

At the study session, the Planning Commission discussed the EAH Housing team’s preliminary design proposal to build 45 affordable rental units for those families and households with annual incomes of $150,000 or less.   Story poles were installed on the project site from May 18 through June 8, 2023 to provide a visual representation of the proposed building envelope and to provide context prior to the study session hearing .  

Project Documents

Click on the following links to view and/or downlaod application materials.

September 2023 Resubmittal

    Architect Responses to PC Direction (PDF)
    Architectural Plans – Part 1 (PDF)
    Architectural Plans – Part 2 (PDF)
    Civil Engineering Plans (PDF)
    Landscape Plans (PDF)
    Arborist Report (July 2023) (PDF)

April 2023 Application Submittal

    Download the Notice of Preparation (PDF) seeking feedback on the scope of the environmental review for the project. 

Previous Meetings and Additional Details

Environmental Scoping Meeting (January 12, 2023). 
A scoping meeting to provide the opportunity for public comments and questions regarding the proposed project description and scope of the environmental review, as required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Follow the link to view or download the meeting agendaFollow the link to view the scoping meeting presentation (PDF)

Joint City Council/Planning Commission Meeting (November 30, 2022). Meeting to: 1) discuss community feedback received at the October 13 Open House; 2) consider feasibility assessment from the EAH Team and 3) provide input on the preliminary conceptual designs and consider advancing a preferred concept to allow staff to assemble a planning application to fully evaluate building approximately 40-50 apartment units affordable to lower income households, including design review, environmental review and entitlement materials (ground lease, parcel map and rezoning of the site), to be presented to Planning Commission and City Council for review and consideration of approval at a later date. Staff Report –  1 Hamilton Dr. Update (PDF);  1 Hamilton Drive FAQ's (PDF);  1 Hamilton Drive, September 19, 2022 Presentation (PDF)The staff report and agenda material can be viewed here.

Open House, in person (October 13, 2022). Open house to report back on refinements to building concepts presented at the May 3 Open House.  Additional community input to discuss building concepts including massing and design features.  Other site planning work such as residential parking will also be presented. FAQ's (PDF);  1-Hamilton-project-update (PDF);  Conceptuall Designs and PSB Reconfiguration (PDF)

City Council Meeting, in person (September 19, 2022). City staff will present a series of recommendations based on preliminary site planning and community outreach, including the relocation of 38 public parking spaces, restroom facilities and electric vehicle charging station that currently reside on the northern portion of 1 Hamilton Drive.  Other circulation and additional parking improvements identified during community workshops and focus group meetings will also be discussed.  

Open House, in person (May 3, 2022). Open house to gather input on preliminary design features, massing and site planning work, including relocation of public parking and restrooms currently located on site. 

Online Workshop (March 10, 2022). Initial kick-off informational workshop to provide an overview of affordable housing and gather input on preliminary site planning work.  Watch Video (LINK);  Download Presentation (PDF); Response to Questions (PDF).

City Council Meeting (Sept. 20, 2021).  Council Approval of a resolution declaring that the northern portion of 1 Hamilton Drive as surplus exempt land and a resolution authorizing the City Manager to draft the terms of an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement between the City and EAH Housing. See the following links for the City Council agenda and supporting materials (LINK). 

City Council Meeting (June 21, 2021). Council Approval to authorized staff to release a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). See the following links for the City Council agenda and supporting materials (LINK)

City Council Zoom Meeting (February 7, 2021). Agenda includes resolution to consider an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement ("ENA") with EAH Housing. Entering into the ENA will initiate the community outreach process, including site planning, design and environmental review, and allows EAH Housing to further investigate financing needs and opportunities based on preliminary design. Supporting materials (LINK).