What is the RSVP and how do I benefit?

The Resident Shopper Vehicle Permit (RSVP) parking program is designed to make it convenient and inviting for Mill Valley and Southern Marin residents to shop, eat and visit downtown Mill Valley. The RSVP allows residents to park in any of the city's metered spaces without paying the meter seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

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1. What happens if I sell my vehicle with the RSVP and buy a new vehicle?
2. How many RSVP stickers can I purchase?
3. What is the RSVP and how do I benefit?
4. Where is the parking permit placed on my vehicle?
5. Will the City still have free holiday parking for those without RSVP stickers?
6. Who can purchase an RSVP?
7. I have an RSVP and I still received a ticket. What do I do?
8. How do I purchase the RSVP sticker for my vehicle?