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SASM Kicks off Rehabilitation Project with Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) officials and Mill Valley City Council members celebrated the kick-off of the 2-year, $20 million Wastewater Treatment Plant rehabilitation project on Wednesday, April 4.

“The current facility has not been significantly upgraded in around 35 years, and we hope these upgrades will have a similar lifespan,” SASM Board President Lew Kious said. “I want to thank all of the residents of the SASM Member Agencies special districts for their support of increasing sewer fees,” he continued. “This is the return on your increased fees!”

The rehabilitation project will help to ensure reliable treatment of wastewater, as well as compliance with regional, State and Federal regulations. Improvements include infrastructure modernization, increased reliability and efficiency, and electrical upgrades. An important component to note is the installation of two new odor control towers, located at the northwest corner of the plant.

“Odor reduction was particularly important to the Board” said Councilmember John McCauley, the City of Mill Valley’s representative to the SASM Board.

City Manager Jim McCann and Plant Manager Mark Grusheyev thanked the individuals and organizations who have contributed to the project, including, Mill Valley Public Works, Corollo Engineers, Nute Engineering, and Overaa Construction.

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