The Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan (WWTP) is a comprehensive 30-year roadmap for SASM’s efforts to rehabilitate and replace existing infrastructure, plan for expected new legal requirements, protect the plant from flooding due to 100-year flood events and sea level rise, prepare for its future growth needs, incorporate sustainability initiatives and reduce the impact of the plant’s odor on its neighbors. 

WWTP Rehabilitation Project - Phase I

The first phase of the WWTP Master Plan implementation is expected to begin in April 2018 and conclude in 2020. The primary goal in this initial phase is to help ensure reliable treatment of wastewater, as well as compliance with regional, State, and Federal regulations.  A key improvement will be numerous upgrades and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure to ensure compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, which enhances water quality. Another component to note in this phase of the contract will be the installation of two new odor control towers, located at the northwest corner of the plant. Click here to enlarge the image showing the area of WWTP rehabilitation work.

This page will serve to keep the community updated with the latest news and updates on this important project. 

News Releases
Date Title
 2/20/2019 WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for February 20, 2019
 1/14/2019  WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for January 14, 2019
 10/18/2018 WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for October 18, 2018
 9/17/2018 WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for September 17, 2018
 7/16/2018 WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for July 16, 2018 
 6/18/2018  WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for June 18, 2018
 5/14/2018  WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for May 14, 2018
 4/16/2018  WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for April 16, 2018
 3/26/2018 Rehabilitation Project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to Begin – Notice of Tree Removal
 3/16/2018 Parking Near Bayfront Park During the SASM Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project
 3/12/2018  WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for March 12, 2018
 3/6/2018 Join us for a Groundbreaking to Celebrate the Start of the WWTP Rehabilitation Project - Phase 1
1/19/2018 SASM Awards Contract to Begin Implementation of the Master Plan 
5/18/2017 Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Planned 
11/3/2016 SASM Announces Sale of Revenue Bond for $38 million to Improve Wastewater Facility 

 Project Documents
Date Title
 January, 2019  Update to Mill Valley City Council

March, 2018

Phase I - WWTP Rehabilitation Project Description
Phase I - WWTP Rehabilitation Project Overhead Map

Master Plan - December 2014
 1. Table of Contents and Executive Summary
 2. Master Planning Basis
 3. Wastewater Treatment Plant Assessment
 4. Wastewater Treatment Plant Condition Assessment
 5. Regulatory Requirements
 6. Treatment Alternative Analysis
 7. Flood Study
 8. Biogas and Biosolids Analysis & Sustainable Design Element and Strategies
 9. Capital Improvement Plan

Questions and comments: Please contact Wastewater Treatment Manager Mark Grushayev at (415) 388-2402 or

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